What we do

We develop new atomic-to-nanoscale characterization techniques based on scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) to investigate the structural origins of a wide range of important properties of materials. We combine the novel STEM techniques, including fluctuation microscopy, electron nano diffraction, and 4D-STEM, with advanced computational simulations to determine the important structure-property relationships beyond the limits of any conventional characterization or simulation methods. Our current research focus includes the investigation of point and extended defects that dictate the electronic and doping properties of wide band gap semiconductors, the structure, chemistry, and morphology of low-dimensional materials and interfaces, and the nanoscale structural heterogeneity that connects to mechanical and electrical properties of disorders materials, including metallic glasses and amorphous thin films.



  • Our paper, Jared Johnson et al, "Unusual formation of point defect complexes in the ultra-wide band gap semiconductor β-Ga2O3" was publised in Physical Review X. Link

  • Our collaborative project with UW-Madison "Intermediates in Amorphous Oxide Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition" was funded by DOE-BES (2019).

  • Jinwoo Hwang receives the Lumley Research Award from OSU College of Engineering (2019). Read more

  • Jinwoo Hwang receives the NSF CAREER Award for his proposal "Novel Debye Waller Thermometry of Oxide Interfaces for Reducing Thermal Interface Resistance" (2019). Read more

  • Electron Microscopy Pixel Array Detector (EMPAD) has been installed in our STEM ! (2019) Read more

  • New collaborative project with Air Force Research Laboratory will focus on the structure and chemistry of interfaces within soft materials (2018). Read more

  • Our Proto-IRG funding from the Center for Emergent Materials at OSU, "Structure, Defects, and Emergent Properties at Magnetic Oxide Interfaces" has been renewed (2018).

  • A new PhD student, Hsien-Lien Huang, has joined our group (2018).

  • A new PhD student, Mehrdad Abbasi, has joined our group (2018).

  • New MURI project (2018): "Gallium Oxide Materials Science and Engineering", led by James Speck at UCSB, has been selected for funding from AFOSR MURI. Press release

  • A new PhD student, Menglin Zhu, has joined our group (2018).

  • New project (2017) : "Structure, Defects, and Emergent Properties at Magnetic Oxide Interfaces", a Proto-IRG grant supported by the Institution of Materials Research and Center for Emergent Materials at OSU. Read more

  • New project (2017) : Our team project, "Novel Methods for the Design and Fabrication of Complex Disordered Solids", has been awarded with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF-DMREF). Read more

  • New project (2017) : "Ultra Wide Band Gap III-Nitride Semiconductor Materials and Devices", in collaboration with Prof. Siddharth Rajan at OSU, and funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR). Read more

  • New project (2017) : “Correlating Structural Heterogeneity to Deformation in Metallic Glasses”, led by Jinwoo Hwang, has been awarded with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Read more

  • Jared and Jinwoo have contributed to the development of remote epitaxy of semiconductor films using graphene, which is published in Nature and featured on the cover of Nature Vol. 544 (2017). Press release


Recent Publications

  • Jared M. Johnson, Zhen Chen, Joel B. Varley, Christine M. Jackson, Esmat Farzana, Zeng Zhang, Aaron R. Arehart, Hsien-Lien Huang, Arda Genc, Steven A. Ringel, Chris G. Van de Walle, David A. Muller, and Jinwoo Hwang, "Unusual formation of point defect complexes in the ultra-wide band gap semiconductor β-Ga2O3", Physical Review X 9, 041027 (2019). 

  • Baishakhi Mazumder, Jith Sarkar, Yuewei Zhang, Jared M. Johnson, Menglin Zhu, Siddharth Rajan, and Jinwoo Hwang, "Atomic scale investigation of chemical heterogeneity in β-(AlxGa1-x)2O3 films using atom probe tomography", Appl. Phys. Lett. 115, 132105 (2019). 

  • A F M Anhar Uddin Bhuiyan, Zixuan Feng, Zhaoying Chen, Jared Johnson, Hsien-Lien Huang, Jinwoo Hwang, and Hongping Zhao, "MOCVD epitaxy of β-(AlxGa1−x)2O3 thin films on (010) Ga2O3 substrates and N-type doping", Appl. Phys. Lett. 115, 120602 (2019).

  • Md Rezaul Karim, Zixuan Feng, Jared M. Johnson, Menglin Zhu, Jinwoo Hwang, and Hongping Zhao, "Low pressure chemical vapor deposition of In2O3 films on off-axis c-sapphire substrates”, Crystal Growth & Design 19, 3, 1965 (2019).

  • Paul D. Garman, Jared M. Johnson, Vishank Talesara, Hao Yang, Dan Zhang, Jose Castro, Wu Lu, Jinwoo Hwang, and L. James Lee, "Silicon oxycarbide accelerated chemical vapor deposition of graphitic networks on ceramic substrates for thermal management enhancement", ACS Appl. Nano. Mater, 2, 1, 452 (2019). 

  • Paul D. Garman, Jared M. Johnson, Vishank Talesara, Hao Yang, Xinpeng Du, Junjie Pan, Dan Zhang, Jianfeng Yu, Eusebio Cabrera, Ying‐Chieh Yen, Jose Castro, Wu Lu, Ji‐Cheng Zhao, Jinwoo Hwang, and L. James Lee, "Dual silicon oxycarbide accelerated growth of well‐ordered graphitic networks for electronic and thermal applications", Advanced Materials Technologies 4, 1800324 (2019). 

  • Novin Mehrabi, Arvid Masud, Moyosore Afolabi,  Jinwoo Hwang,  Gabriel A. Calderon Ortiz  and  Nirupam Aich,  "Magnetic Graphene Oxide-Nano Zero Valent Iron (GO-nZVI) Nanohybrids Synthesized using Biocompatible Cross-linkers for Contaminant Removal", RSC Advances 9, 963 (2019).

  • Zhiyuan Feng, Belinda Hurley, Menglin Zhu, Zi Yang, Jinwoo Hwang, and Rudolph Buchheit, "Corrosion Inhibition of Mg Alloy By Aqueous Selenite (SeO32-)", Journal of The Electrochemical Society 166, 14, C520-C529 (2019).

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